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Hartbeespoort Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

Hartbeespoort North Air Conditioning Commercial & Residential Installation Repairs Services in Northwest

Air conditioner noisy, dripping or working properly at keeping you cool? Then you need to call TechAir Solutions, the experts in air conditioner repairs. Our air conditioning department has a team of qualified technicians throughout Hartbeespoort with experience in all types and brands of air conditioners. Whether it is a split system or ducted; Mitsubishi or Daikin, we can repair them all.

Our business is built on experience and expertise, and thrives on being the conditioning service of choice in Hartbeespoort North, whether for business or residential needs, and we’ve continued to grow through reference and recommendation. Hartbeespoort North Air is the local air conditioning specialist on which northside Johannesburg relies. Also included in our service offering are oven repairs in Hartbeespoort area

Hartbeespoort North Air Conditioner repairs and installations

We are the best Hartbeespoort North air conditioner repairs, installers and trusted when to comes to aircon repairs in Hartbeespoort North and surrounding areas. Whether your air conditioner is in your Hartbeespoort North home or office, if it stops working it becomes uncomfortable or the air to become stale. All air conditioning units can unfortunately have some issues after years of use. This is not only frustrating but can be very inconvenient.

Having a working air conditioner not only maintains a comfortable temperature, but they also provide many other benefits which can include, reducing humidity, improving air quality and being more efficient than portable heaters during winter.

To diagnose and repair any air conditioning issues a professional is recommended so it is done safely and effectively. Qualified technicians understand how to check each component of your system without causing any further damage to the unit or risking you and your family’s safety. Here are some common signs that your air conditioner may need to be repaired:

Increasing energy bills: You will usually notice an increase in energy use during the hotter and colder months. However, if you notice a significant increase in your bills that can’t be explained you may need to consider having your air conditioner checked if you are located within Hartbeespoort North and surrounding areas.

Inconsistent temperature: A common problem with older systems is that they stop heating or cooling the way that they should. For example, the air coming out isn’t consistent, or proportional with the temperature setting.

Unusual smells or sounds: If your air conditioner gives off a strange smell it may be because it hasn’t been cleaned or maintained properly. It also may indicate that the filter needs replacing. Loud systems could indicate a problem with the fan or some of the internal parts.

Leaks or excessive moisture: A small amount of water dripping from the outdoor unit is normal depending on the type of air conditioner you have. However, if there is moisture building up inside the house or a noticeable increase in the water outside, this should be checked by a professional.

Decreased air flow: You may notice that regardless of the temperature setting, little air is coming out of the vents to heat or cool the room effectively. A significant decrease in air flow may also be related to the compressor.

If you’re having any of the above issues with your system (or any other problems which need attention), you can rely on TechAir to provide quality and reliable service and repair. With an in-house service department and a friendly team of fully trained service technicians, any issue with your air conditioning system can be address effectively.

Air conditioning repair tip

If your air conditioning system is under warranty you need to call your authorised warranty agent. These details can generally be found on the paperwork supplied when you purchased the unit. This can save time and mean faster air conditioner repairs.

Ceiling air conditioning repairs Hartbeespoort

Air conditioner servicing

To maximise the life of your air conditioner we recommend an annual or bi-annual air conditioning service. Air conditioning maintenance including cleaning of filters and other checks can dramatically increase the life of your air conditioner. Find out more about our air conditioning service.

Call our office now on 067 384 5415 or complete our service request form to organise an air conditioner repair.

Please note - we do not sell air conditioner parts for others to install, only as part of an air conditioner repair service. We do however sell a wide range of replacement air conditioners and our air conditioning prices are very competitive.

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