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Ducted Air Conditioning Repairs

Due to their interior beauty, ducted air conditioning systems are a popular option of air conditioner. When your ducted air system breaks down, you should seek expert advice and services because of the concealed ductwork and electrical cabling. Even if your ducted air conditioning system was not installed by us, our Nwewlands crew is pleased to help.

We are committed to continual training for our servicemen as the leading Newlands air conditioning experts, ensuring that they are up to date on the latest brands, equipment, and air conditioning systems. Every ducted air conditioning service is guaranteed to meet the highest industry standards.

Split System Repairs

Is the air conditioning in your split system broken? It's possible that a problem with one indoor unit isn't indicative of a problem with the entire split system. Mold, mildew, and other particles may have built up inside, or the drain may require cleaning. Our skilled air conditioning technicians can diagnose and detect the issue with your machine, determining whether it requires only minor repairs or a complete replacement.

When your split system air conditioners create a mechanical noise, who do you call? We strongly advise you to contact Techair Solutions' professional staff. Our knowledge in split air conditioners will enable us to give you with a thorough study and prompt answer.

Deal with the experts in air conditioning in Newlands. Request a free estimate for our services and repairs.

Commercial Aircon Repair Newlands

While both residential and commercial air conditioning systems serve the same objective of cooling or heating, they differ significantly. A home's requirements differ significantly from those of a large retail area or multi-unit office. Some of these differences include power consumption, maintenance costs, design, and capacity. A specialist in that sector is required to meet the needs of a business air conditioning unit. Contact Techair Solutions in Newlands for all of your commercial air conditioning repair needs.

TechAir maintenance

100% Non-toxic cleaning for your family's safety

Our air con anti-bacterial flush is non-corrosive and assured to combat a range of airborne contaminants, reduce mould, mildew, and fungi, and destroy 99.9% of bacteria that build up in air conditioners with time. It is non-toxic and safe for household and commercial use.

5 star service

We provide unmacted 5 star service to all our clients

Professional Workers

Our skilled team will do its best to deliver best services

6 Months Waranty

We have a six months warantee on service and parts

Save Money

As part of our air conditioner servicing, we’ll even check the batteries on the remote control – and replace them if necessary, leaving your air-conditioning unit, ducted or split system operating at its very best. Call us now to book your service and be surprised by the ACC healthy air difference.

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