In this FAQ, we will answer to a variety of questions coming from homeowners in Johannesburg and Pretoria, ranging from your remote to what aircon professionals provide, in detail detail, whether you should do it yourself or ask us to do it for you at cost.

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This can be an annoyance for everyone, especially when the afternoons are sweltering hot and the aircon is not cooling enough. The main reasons why the aircon is not cold are as follow:
  • The filter is dirty
  • Temperate settings of air conditioner is too high
  • Area capacity for air conditioner cooling is too large (i.e. not enough aircon units to cool the entire)/ the air conditioner installed is under-sized
  • Thermostat is faulty
  • Not enough compressor gas
  • Refrigerant leakage
  • Components of aircon may be faulty
  • The indoor fancoil is dirty resulting in weak
  • dissipation of cool air.
  • The outdoor condenser is dirty resulting in incapable of producing cooling refrigerant.
  • There may not be enough refrigerant in the air conditioning system.
  • There might be some problem with the air conditioning system resulting in non-continuous operation of he system.
  • Check if the door and windows are shut.
  • Leaking aircon is a perennial problem faced by households every few years. The exact cause can only be determined and identified by an aircon specialist, and such reasons for aircon leakings are as follows:
    • Clogged drainage pipe: Normally, the air conditioner’s water will condensate inside the fancoil. This will usually be released in the drainage pipe. If the drainage pipe is clogged or choked then water will start leaking. General aircon servicing normally involves the vacuuming of the drain pipe which may rectify the choked pipe problem.
    • Wear and tear of the aircon
    • Poor installation of aircon
    • The gradient of the piping between the fan coil and drainage is too gentle causing leakage
    • We have covered in detail about the various reasons why aircon leak water in this article.
    Aircon water leaking as a result of outdoor condenser or compressor is normal as condensation happens when condenser cools the surrounding warmer air.

    We have covered important information you need to know about aircon compressors in this article.
    There may be several reasons for this:
    1. Surrounding smell may be absorbed into the unit. Example could be small from furniture, cigerattes, food.
    2. Bacteria formed by microbes in the warm dark humid environment in the indoor fancoil unit may be causing the smell. Sometimes when the smell is very bad you may need a more intensive chemical treatment to rectify this problem.
    3. Pollutants like smoke from cigeratte or haze could be absorbed by the unit. The solution to this is intense chemical treatment of the air conditioner.

    General Question for AC

    There cold be several reasons:
    1. Vibration noise resulted from dirty indoor fancoil/ outdoor condenser.
    2. Noisy draft resulted from dirty indoor fancoil
    3. Some components in the air conditioning system may be mounted loosely
    4. Faulty parts in the air conditioning syste
    One common reason is that the electrical power is not being supplied to the air conditioner. It could be loose wiring or that the electrical panel is malfunctioning. A qualified professional should be engaged for the repair if it is more complicated than a simple repair.
    Gas top ups are absolutely essential in the case of unsealed leakage. It is imperative to seal the leaking areas before topping up the gas. Once completed, you will not need to top up gas until the same issue occurs again. A number of factors may lead to gas leakage.
    These may include improper installation, poor quality copper pipe and more. We recommend you to ask an air con professional before attempting any gas top up on your own.
    The basic maintenance that is recommended is the cleaning of the air filter and outer panel of the air conditioner every 2 weeks. This will helps to improve the air conditioning of the room. For a more in-depth servicing, it is recommended to service 3-4 times a year for residential properties, and once a month for commercial. Please seek the assessment of a qualified technician.

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