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Minimal energy is required to make your home comfortable. The correct insulation, which is crucial for your comfortable home can create low or even no energy requirements for heating and cooling. Highly efficient homes with no heating or cooling input are possible across of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Ducted air conditioning is increasingly considered as a crucial component to maintain a welcoming living environment. The basic principle of ducted air conditioning is to circulate cooled air in a room(s), through the absorption of heat in one internal place and then subsequent heat release in an external place.

With existing homes there are many ways to mitigate energy bills, improve comfort and help the environment. The rules of thermal comfort and the importance of air movement, humidity and radiant heat are explained in our Indoor Air Quality

A case study that a projected average home energy use in 2012 — actual energy use varies from province to province (particularly with climate) and from home to home depending on the heating and cooling systems and how they are used.

When you book an air conditioning service inspection with TechAir, think about a maintenance plan. This is crucial for the efficacy of the equipment as it helps to avoid frequent breakdowns. The unit can’t absorb heat, without regular cleaning of the condenser coils, condensing temperatures/pressures can increase and cause a breakdown. Contact TechAir for air conditioning maintenance services in Johannesburg and Pretoria

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When it comes to air conditioning repairs, our experienced technicians can provide you with the assistance you require, throughout Johanneburg and PTA. Coupled with our maintenance and servicing, our air conditioner repairs cover the full range of residential and commercial units.

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